Guest musicians on the debut album:
  • Will Donato (sax on Favorite Time of Day)
  • Kerry Paige (sax on Searching)
  • Jennifer Price (vocals on Searching)
  • Troy Behns (guitar on Cafe Allure and London After Dark)
  • Ani Espriella (Italian voice on Cafe Allure)

The 420 Café

Contemporary jazz with a side of techno chill

#16 album of the year, 2010
The Jazz Cafe (Canada)

The Captain of Her Heart nominated for One World Music Radio 2022 Jazz Single of the Year

Carl Sorenson - keyboards
David Young - drums, percussion
Mark Siple - guitar
Chris Marye - bass

For booking: David Young   303-667-8930

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Under The Milky Way
The Captain of Her Heart
Night Spirits
The 420 Cafe

The 420 Cafe brings their distinctive melody-driven techno production style to the world of contemporary jazz. Each song is an entree, blending rock, jazz, groove and chill music into a satisfying experience for the gourmet listener.

The Jazz Cafe says

[David and Carl have] a shared passion for the fusion of the 70s and 80s plus a common appreciation for composers such as Burt Bacharach, and artists like Jeff Lorber. Driven by flavours of techno, The 420 Café combines facets of Nu-Jazz with Chill, Ambient, and other progressive elements! says

Great jazzy treatment on a memorable classic, well done! (The Captain of Her Heart)

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